header designWeb Design should never be a complicated process and the key difference between a good website and a bad website, is user experience. If a visitor cannot find what they want quickly and with little effort, they will lose interest and go elsewhere to find what they are looking for. We adopt a two click strategy, that is that the visitor is never more than two clicks from what they are looking for. 

Our designers examine your ideas and learn your business with the results being always of high quality. Using the latest technology and techniques, our websites don't date easily and produce measurable results. webdesignAll the websites we develop are done so using open source technologies such as WordPress or Joomla. We find open source gives the best flexibility in terms of future proofing your site. They are also the most cost effective way of developing a website. 

Enhancing the visitor experience also includes ensuring the experience is consistent across all platforms and devices such as phone, tablets, laptops, etc. We only design responsive websites to achieve this. Responsive designs react to the device being used to view them and adjusts itself accordingly, this includes enlarging fonts, resizing graphics, etc.

How do we work:
  • We listen to your requirements
  • We create the design
  • We develop the site
  • We test & release for go live
All our websites packages include submission to Google Maps, Social Media Pages, Submission to all major search engines and full training on the CMS solution.

As well as designing and developing your site, we off the following services:
  • Monthly content management - send us an email, text or call your change in. All changes done within 24 hours.
  • Google Adwords setup - control and manage your online advertising account
  • Copy writing - we can arrange to have your content written by a professional
  • Photography and Videography - we work with a few partners in this field. We ensure the quality of their work and also that they work in tune with the project.